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Scotsburn Nurseries. Victoria's first EcoHort certified seedling nursery

Tel. 03 9798 7066
Fax 03 9798 3121

Email scotsburn@scotsburn.biz


 Keep up to date with what is in the garden now and how to care for it... FREE.


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It's that simple.  I will send you a fun and informative Gardener's Blog Newsletter plus regular special offers and answer ANY gardening questions you may have ( I do have to warn you at this point, my specialty is annual flowers and vegetables so I may have to phone a friend). 


Anyway here is some feedback from our correspondents:


"omgolly i will so use your aDVISE ABOUT HERBS THANKYOU"

"Many thanks for taking the time to help the learner gardners & questioners, it is greatly appreciated!"

"We picked up our mail late Thursday (my husband had taken me over the border into SA for dinner and a movie for my birthday) and, tucked into our post office box was a bag from Scotsburn - good timing!
I was so excited I tore open the package (you need teeth on those satchels....) right then and there, at 9pm, under the streetlight outside the post office.  
What a magnificent trowel! - it will last through my lifetime and be inherited by my gardening daughter.  It has a wonderful grip and balance - superior quality to anything I've used before and I'm delighted with it!
The gloves are something else, too - have never seen anything like that fabric before and both pairs fit, although my husband was casting envious glances at the larger pair - I might let him try them in return for some digging out of couch grass......"

"Thank you again for your kind and generous donation.  To be honest, I was teary when I saw all those booming healthy plants and to deliver them too... it was wonderful."


"Hi Peter

I am loving the Blogs. I have never been a part of a blog before"


"Wonderful stuff - I enjoy the first as well as this one - keep them coming please !"


"Hi Pete,

just saying thanks for the current news letter, dont always get time to get those great gardening books out but great when you let us know what to do etc this time of year, also send your letter to hubbys work so he can read as well."

By the way I promise that I will never pass your contact details on to anyone else without first asking for your permission.


Scotsburn Nurseries Pty Ltd ABN 51 668 045 529

300 Perry Road
Keysborough  VIC  3173

Tel: (03) 9798 7066
Fax: (03) 9798 3121

Email: scotsburn@scotsburn.biz
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