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Established in 1930, Scotsburn Nurseries supplies Melbourne and Victoria's best independent retail nurseries. We are proud of our long-standing reputation as a producer of quality flowers, vegetables and herbs.
We are also very proud to be Victoria's first EcoHort™ certified seedling nursery.  To celebrate this distinction we have developed our EcoSmile™ logo so that you can garden with the confidence that your plants have been grown to the Nursery and Garden Industry of Australia's (NGIA's) best practice standards to ensure we manage and conserve precious resources and protect our environment.

We’ve been training in business planning and now we have a Mission and Values. Of course this is what we have been trying to achieve all along without having written anything down. I have used the boutique winery analogy previously and I am constantly nagging our team with sport metaphors, so for something different I have recently been comparing Scotsburn to a Jazz Band.

A Jazz band? Yep. There is that constant effort to find something special and new within the context of a simple format. Each Spring season we try to create the next hit album without drifting too far into the unlistenably (yes I did invent that word) experimental. At Scotsburn we grow annuals and some perennials from seed. That’s it really, but we reckon that we do it with that little extra touch of style that can only be achieved in a small business. We are specialists in the field and we will look at every opportunity to add quality and value to all the plants we grow.

The great improvisational Jazz players practice for years to master their craft. Similarly we have reached the stage that we are confident that our plants will be the best available because we enjoy the craft of growing and we have the experience, discipline and skills to ensure that we consistently produce the highest quality.

Thanks for having a look. All the best for the season,


Peter Douglas

Nursery Manager

Tel.  03 9798 7066                     Fax  03 9798 3121                           Free Fax  1800 635 849                      Email  scotsburn@scotsburn.biz


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