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A Gerbera revolution! I love it when breeders get smart and head back to the origins of our garden plants to improve genetics, it makes so much more sense than engineering pig genes into our food... sorry, minor rant.

The plant breeders at Florist bv. headed back to South Africa and fired up a florists favourite to give us a 'garden ready' Gerbera that will happily cope with really cold weather and in our relatively mild climate will flower all year.  We have only one strong recommendation, make sure you grow them in a well drained position.

 We have delivered plants to some of Melbourne's leading garden centres and will distribute to more over coming weeks. Please don't hesitate to contact us if your local garden centre does not have them in stock, we'll be happy to supply.

Recommended price for a 200mm pot: $19.95

Please give us a call 03 9798 7066, fax 03 9798 3121 or email your enquiry.

Gardeners Access

This is Jan & Mike with their freshly planted and our very first Magic Square Garden.

Capsicum Sangria





Petunia Craze Pink
creates a living, colourful mulch.
This is a display box we have at
Banksia Nurseries.
No tricks, they look this good!

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Pansy Tumbles

Magic Square Gardens
Entirely NEW to Scotsburn. We will deliver these babies direct to you!  Follow the link to get all the detail including the special offer of our "Users Manual"  One Magic Square, Grow your own food on one square metre. by Lolo Houbein.

Ornamental Chilli and Capsicum. These have become remarkably popular. I guess this is due to the fact that they are damn near indestructible, just watch out for Possums and grubs. Possums don’t appear to be troubled by pungency.

These plants will come into their own after Christmas as the fruit really starts to colour up. We are trying a few new varieties this season including Sangria (translation from Spanish: Bloody), Black Pearl and Calico. The Sangria hybrid has a somewhat spreading habit so we are growing it in hanging baskets. Follow the links for information on the others.

I am always asked why we differentiate ‘ornamental’ chillies. To my knowledge the only reason they are ornamental is the fruit has no flavour. Don’t confuse flavour with heat, some of the ornamental varieties are insanely hot. They just don’t have an enjoyable flavour. The varieties Sangria and Medusa are both non-pungent so they are considered safe around children.

Chilli and Capsicum (all the same thing botanically) thrive in hot, dry, well drained conditions.  We usually grow them in a poly house with no shade cover.  They have the stamina to handle the intense heat and direct sunlight and this environment helps keep them compact in their pots.  This season we have put some larger (200mm pots) outside in the full sun and they have performed just as well.  They can dry to wilting point and bounce back as if nothing has happened.



Looking for something to fill tough garden spaces and provide stunning colour?  We have just this week delivered our first Craze Petunias to selected garden centres.  I have to be honest, Spreading Petunias have been available for about 10 years now and I avoided them for the first eight.  "Too expensive, why bother?" Well,  I believe that the drought tolerance of seedling Petunias is under valued but Spreading Petunias take hardiness to a new level and gardeners are beginning to recognize this.  Especially as gardens get more and more water wise.

Craze was the first of the Spreading Petunias and is still widely regarded as the best in the class mostly due to its ability to keep a good cover of flower and foliage at the centre of the plant and not get too ‘stringy’ at the edges.

Where are they available?

Garden World Nursery, Keysborough
Premium retailer.

Banksia Nurseries, Wantirna South

Bulleen Art & Garden

Linton's Garden & Home, Mt Eliza


Molino's Flower & Garden Centre, Hampton

Pinewood Quality Nursery
Glen Waverley

Warran Glen Nursery, Warrandyte

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