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Scotsburn Nurseries. Victoria's first EcoHort certified seedling nursery
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Smile, Gardening is healthy, beautiful and fun.  Scotsburn Nurseriesí EcoSmile also guarantees that gardening is environmentally responsible.  We are very proud to be the first EcoHort certified seedling nursery in Victoria.

EcoHort is a best practice program established by the Nursery and Garden Industry of Australia and Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) to guide production nurseries and media suppliers to a systematic approach to managing natural resources.

EcoSmile gives gardeners 5 reasons to smile when selecting flowers or vegetables for their garden

        Resource use.  Water use is carefully measured and managed using industry best practice application.

        Sustainability.  Plastic containers are washed and reused on site or sent away to be washed and reground for recycling.

        Environmental impact.  Fertilizer and pesticide use are carefully managed to minimize runoff affecting the environment.

        Invasiveness.  Varieties grown are selected to minimize the possibility of spreading weeds.

        Plant Quality.  Vigorous, healthy plants establish more quickly in the garden and give better results.  Hygienic plant production also prevents the spread of horticultural diseases and pests.

No Greenwash!  We donít claim to produce organic seedlings, although over time we are working towards this goal.  We would rather think of the Ďhybrid carí as an analogy, all the benefits of modern technology with a priority put on environmental benefits.  We are currently working with our suppliers to introduce biodegradable pictorial labels and continuing to roll out drip irrigation systems to save more water.  These may not sound like major projects but as we keep fine tuning our production processes and materials selections we get closer and closer to our goal.

By the way, one more reason for gardeners to smile.
Whatís green and sings?        Elvis Parsley!

* Based on research commissioned for the Life is a Garden initiative, by Nursery & Garden Industry Australia (NGIA), that surveyed over 1,200 Australian respondents in July 2008.