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Lisa and I travelled to Tylden (near Trentham) to deliver our $500.00 prize pack to Linda Wheeler who entered our Plants Australia Garden Centres ‘Lucky Draw”.  Linda was thrilled, we felt great and Glenn & Sandy at Springhill Nursery were pretty pleased too.

My mum & dad visited Springhill earlier this year and immediately asked if I knew this beautiful garden centre.  “Not well” was the honest reply and that was my mistake, this little nursery is a real gem.  Glenn has long experience in the nursery trade, he loves it and it shows.  This may be a nurseryman’s hang up but Glenn’s stock is kept perfectly.  No old stuff hanging around that should have been moved on, this is one of those rare retail nurseries that will pot plants on when they get big or shaggy.

They also have award winning display gardens and they welcome bus tours, so if you’re looking for a garden club activity a visit to sunny Tylden is really worth it.

Peter Douglas